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Hey there! My name is Aryaman Sharda and I started making iOS apps way back in 2015. Since then, I’ve worked for a variety of companies like Porsche, Turo, and Scoop Technologies just to name a few. Over the years, I’ve mentored junior engineers, built developer tools, and shipped dozens of apps to the App Store.

As I was interviewing for these roles, I was always looking for easy-to-follow explanations of all the relevant iOS interview topics and iOS-specific practice problems. After years of not being able to find such a guide, I decided to write one myself.

Over the last five years, I’ve been consolidating every relevant question, concept, and take-home assessment I've encountered during my interviews. They are all included in the following pages, along with sample solutions, screenshots, and step-by-step instructions. This book contains everything you need to know for your next iOS interview. “Ace The iOS Interview” will help you take the guesswork out of your interview preparation and will hopefully serve as a practical guide for landing your dream job.

With hundreds of interviews under my belt, both as a candidate and as an interviewer, I know both what an interviewer is looking for as well as the common mistakes most candidates tend to make. We'll go over in detail about how to tailor your responses to highlight the specific criteria the interviewer is looking for, as well as strategies for the behavioral interview portion and other “do's and don'ts” along the way.

Here's a short sample from the book!


What publication formats are available?

You will receive a .pdf copy of the book.

Will there be updates?

Yes! I plan on supporting this book indefinitely. Whenever I encounter a new iOS interview question, I'll make sure to come back and add it here for no additional charge. 

What's next?

Join our Slack community to discuss topics related to iOS interviewing, mock interview requests, sharing interview questions, job opportunities, and much more.

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Twitter: @aryamansharda

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You'll get a digital copy of the book in PDF format and free access to all future updates.

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Ace The iOS Interview

12 ratings
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